5 Keys to Developing a Successful Inbound Marketing Strategy

Published January 19th, 2019 by Unknown

The most important factor in developing a successful inbound marketing strategy is to identify your ideal customer for each of the products and services your company offers. Develop a profile for this ideal customer including as many personal details as possible. Once you fully identify this person, you will know how and where to interact with them, and have an easier time developing content they’ll love.

By creating content that is specifically designed to appeal to your ideal customer, you attract qualified prospects to your business and create brand loyalty. Start by answering your ideal customers’ basic questions and needs and share that information. As you get to know your prospects better, you can further personalize your messages to develop more meaningful content. Be mindful of the issues that are important to your ideal customer, and offer them insight.

Share your content far and wide. Inbound marketing is about creating relevant content and sharing it with the world. It’s about reaching your prospects where they are, and interacting with them on their terms so it is viewed as a meaningful interaction rather than an interruption. Blogging, social media marketing, key word searches, and website pages are all important channels for optimizing your inbound marketing strategy. By linking these channels to your website, over time you should see your website traffic increase.

In order to begin converting these new visitors into customers, you will need to collect their contact information. This is very valuable information, and most people are not likely to provide this information without receiving something in return. Offering your prospects valuable information such as a white paper, e book, or tip sheet can serve as an appropriate “payment” in return for their contact information.

Now that you have your ideal customer’s contact information, and you have created several opportunities for them to interact with your brand on their terms, in a place where they are comfortable, and at a time that’s convenient for them, it’s appropriate for you to ask for the sale. For those that aren’t ready to purchase at this time, you will need to follow up with other marketing tools such as email marketing, direct mail, or other methods to convert this list of leads into new customers.

This process can be time consuming, but it is one of the most effective and efficient ways of attracting new customers and building brand loyalty.

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