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Lisa Chatfield


During my many years of serving as a Senior Account Executive, Sales Manager, and Director of Sales in major media companies, I noticed a common theme: many businesses were lacking an industry expert who could assist them with integrating all of their marketing efforts while ensuring those efforts were aligned with their goals.

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Amy Chatfield

Director of Sales and Marketing

In conversations with business owners I’m often asked, “What actually works, and where should I start?” My answer- All advertising works! Let’s start with evaluating what you’re trying to accomplish, and ensure you’re using those mediums most effectively. My role is to streamline your marketing efforts, develop and integrate your…

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Maureen Cadie

Marketing Assistant

As a successful salon owner and stylist, my experience has made me very adept at listening, interpreting, and accomplishing customer's desired outcomes- both creatively and monetarily. These skills have easily transferred from behind the chair, to creating and managing campaigns behind the scenes. My passion for art, design, and service…

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Christina Wales

Sales and Marketing Strategist

In the Fall of 2019 I’ll be receiving my Bachelor's degree in Business from Judson University, with an emphasis in Digital Marketing. My social media savvy ensures our clients get the recognition they need to grow sales and brand awareness. I’ll always bring energy, ingenuity, innovation, and genuine passion for…

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Albert Davis

Creative Specialist

My mission as a Designer and Strategist is to bridge the gap between marketing and design. With this desire leading me, I love to collaborate and develop a consistent, effective strategy that provides positive returns. You can rely on me to be your partner and problem solver to meet your brand's goals.

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