• 15 Jan

    Keep Your Eye On The Ball…Focus

    We’ve all heard those run on ads where it just seems like a laundry list of an advertiser’s services. We do such and such and so and so and this and that and we do such and such better than everyone else, plus we have the best service too, blah, blah, blah… I get it. The goal for them is to put it all out there. If you throw enough against the wall, something has got to stick. What they don’t realize is that it actually does the opposite. The ad becomes noise ...

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  • 18 Jan

    You Shouldn’t Advertise Until You Have This One Thing…

    I bet MONEY was at least in your top 3 guesses! Well, of course we all need money to advertise. Besides Money, what’s the one thing every ad campaign needs to develop a successful ad campaign? A Marketing Objective. A marketing objective is a statement that answers the question, “What do we want to make happen with our marketing efforts?” All marketing objectives fall under one of two categories: To get a target consumer to DO something with a product or service. Example: “To reward mom for buying the new Fruit Roll-ups.” To get a ...

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  • 19 Jan

    5 Keys to Developing a Successful Inbound Marketing Strategy

    The most important factor in developing a successful inbound marketing strategy is to identify your ideal customer for each of the products and services your company offers. Develop a profile for this ideal customer including as many personal details as possible. Once you fully identify this person, you will know how and where to interact with them, and have an easier time developing content they’ll love. By creating content that is specifically designed to appeal to your ideal customer, you attract qualified prospects to your business and create brand loyalty. Start by answering your ideal customers’ basic ...

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  • 20 Jan

    Why You Need a Slogan

    My interest and fascination with slogans began when I was a young girl. Having grown up in the 70s, there was sure no lack of them! Back in those days, I would spend countless hours coming up with slogans for my imaginary products. Then I would make up a jingles and rehearse full 10 minute commercials for my “products.” Thankfully no one in my family had a video recorder at the time. I’m sure if you think back, you can still remember some of the slogans that were popular from our childhood. Some of them have been ...

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