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How Google Ads Fit Into Your Marketing Strategy

Google generates about 84 billion visits a month on average. With such a massive platform, Google offers powerful digital marketing tools that can help grow your business.

How Google Ads Fit Into Your Marketing Strategy
Unlock growth opportunities with Google Ads' precise targeting tools and drive results for your business.

Two of the most prominent advertising avenues are Google Search Ads and Google Display Ads. Both ads increase visibility and drive conversions but operate in distinct ways that cater to different marketing objectives. 

Understanding the key differences between these two ad types will help you develop an effective advertising strategy. We'll dive into each to help you determine which strategies align with your marketing goals. 

Google Search ads rely on keywords. 

Google Search Ads operate on a Pay-Per-Click model. When users enter relevant search inquiries, these ads appear at the top and bottom of Google search engine results pages. 

These text-based ads look like search engine results and typically consist of a headline, a description, and a link to the advertiser's website. Google Search Ads capture the attention of potential customers actively searching for your specific products, services, or information. 

Search ads are great for increasing visibility and driving traffic to your landing page. Advertisers can bid on keywords relevant to their business. Users trigger those ads by entering those keywords into Google's search bar. 

Google Search Ads can generate leads and drive conversion rates by reaching users with high purchase intent. 

Google Display campaigns are visual advertisements. 

Google Display Ads are visually engaging advertisements that appear across a network of websites, mobile apps, and YouTube videos. They are part of the Google Display Network.

These ads can take various forms, including images, banners, videos, and interactive rich media. They seamlessly integrate into the content of the platforms they appear on, ensuring they are contextually relevant and engaging. 

Google Display Ads rely on targeting options such as demographics, interests, and website placements to reach potential consumers while they browse the internet.   

By analyzing user behavior and preferences, these ads can be tailored to appear on websites and platforms frequented by individuals who have previously shown interest in products or services similar to those being advertised. 

Moreover, these ads use remarketing techniques to display targeted ads to users who have already interacted with the advertiser’s website or products, further reinforcing their interest and nudging them toward action.

Precise targeting and strategic placement, paired with eye-catching visuals, capture consumers' attention, ultimately driving conversion rates and maximizing return on investment. 

Your marketing objectives will determine which ads you use. 

Your marketing objectives will guide your choice between Google Display ads and Google Search ads. 

Consider your target audience. Display ads target people's interests, behaviors, and habits, while Search ads focus on users searching for keywords related to your offerings.

Display ads are a cost-effective way to enhance brand awareness, reach a wider audience, and drive consideration among potential customers over time. Search ads to target users actively searching for your products or services and drive conversions. 

Consult Ad Vice Marketing to maximize your marketing efforts. 

By understanding the differences and aligning your marketing campaigns with the right targeting strategies, you can make the most of your Google ads account;  yielding impactful results for your business. However, there is still much more to discover.

In an increasingly competitive digital landscape, businesses often face an uphill battle implementing successful marketing strategies. 

Partnering with Ad Vice Marketing empowers you to grow your brand, relate to your target audience, and unlock your full potential with a customized strategy for your business. 

Schedule your free introductory call today and discuss how we can help you craft a successful marketing strategy. 


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