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Retargeting on Facebook

Facebook Retargeting

It’s easy, valuable, and you should be doing it.

You may already be running retargeting ads on Facebook. If so; great work! It’s an incredibly valuable tool that increases conversions and revenue. If not, have no fear! You can start running retargeting ads today!

But first; what is retargeting, anyway?

Retargeting uses web traffic data to serve an ad to anyone who has visited your website. Let’s say a website visitor was perusing your products but didn’t make a purchase. Don’t let that visitor ride off into a digital sunset and have their attention diverted to your competitor. Instead, gently remind them of their interest in you with retargeting ads. In fact, 25% of online viewers enjoy seeing retargeting ads! Here are some additional fun retargeting facts:

Did You Know?

  • Retargeting increases the likelihood of web visitors converting by 43%! I don’t know about you guys, but I’ll take a 43% increase in conversions any day!

  • 91% of marketers have found retargeting to perform the same as or better than search, email, or other display ads.

  • Retargeting allows you to focus your ad dollars on prospects who have already shown interest; which in turn, means a higher return on your investment.

These are just a handful of reasons why retargeting with Facebook should be a part of your marketing strategy. If you’d like more information or you’re curious about how to implement Facebook Retargeting, schedule your free intro call today!


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